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A confession for Mother's Day

This confession was written to follow a reading of Proverbs 31:10-12, 25-30 (NIV). It came out of an awareness that Mother's Day can be a difficult day for women whose relationships with their mothers were/are strained, those who have experienced infertility issues, etc. and others who find the Proverbs ideal too lofty to attain.

Lord, many of us read these words from Your Holy Word
And are inspired, encouraged, and grateful.
But some of us are tempted to doubt
That Your grace could ever produce
these kinds of virtues in our lives.

Some of us are tempted by resentment and unforgiveness
Because of those who have let us down.
Some of us are tempted to condemn ourselves for past failings,
and all of us remember times when we have fallen short.

Forgive us for doubt, resentment,
unforgiving hearts, self-condemning attitudes.
Remind us of your forgiveness, always available in Jesus Christ.

In Spite of our failures and sin,
We trust in Your power to transform our lives.
Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus,
So that our lives may bring Joy to Your world
And Praise to Your Name.

© 2007 Rick Lindholtz

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